Are video-based content a must for your business since they return better engagement rates?

The article was first published on Marketing in Asia


The good old days of reading a book are slowly fading away, sadly. It’s true that people nowadays would prefer to pick up their digital devices to watch and earn as opposed to digesting facts by scrolling through the pages of a book. To put it simply, we are currently living in a time where videos hosted on the web are rising in popularity.


Could this spell an end for great philosophers, novelists and writers? I personally don’t think so, but in fact, videos (explainer or content-wise) are capable of overshadowing reading materials we used to depend on like the Haynes Manual, or even the Oxford Dictionary.

Why? It’s because you can actually read them online now, or if you’re in a haste, there are tons of explainer videos one can watch to learn something vital.

It’s the same when it comes to social media marketing. In comparison to the conventional two-liner with one image post, video-based content or advertisements do return a far more superior engagement rate.

Even better, interactive platforms such as IGTV (Instagram TV) or Facebook Live are now being utilised by marketers to promote their content, products or services so they can react with their audiences in real time.

Statistically, videos are also a great source of revenue, as it is capable of converting engagement to sales for businesses. Platforms such as Youtube are known to generate additional income through views (with or without advertisement), or even on Facebook as one can boost a video to reach out to the right crowd.

This is why 63-percent of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, and 82-percent of businesses feel video is an important component of their marketing strategy.

So if you’re looking at giving video-based content — be it promotional, product-based or even knowledge-sharing — it’s does a better job guaranteeing you that both, engagement and reach will grow considerably. Time to put on your creative shoes and whip that camera out, perhaps? 

It’s something I experiment with on LinkedIn and yes, the results do match the positive outcomes as experienced by many. That said, don’t get me wrong. Video isn’t “the” king, it’s “a” king. At the end of the day, you’ve got to do what really resonates with your own personality.


Written By Dr A.J Minai