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An all-inclusive, strategic and private coaching session to overcome the obstacles in your life and maximize your potential. Whether the dream is to FINALLY start a side hustle, hit a specific income target, reach a career goal, overcome a challenge, make a big change or simply live your best life, this is the program to take you to the next level. Address the problem areas with needle-sharp accuracy and watch as your own personal stories transform your life from the inside out like you’ve never dared to imagine!

Value: USD250 / hour

An intensive, outcome-driven leadership program designed to develop power teams within your organisation to fast-track growth and performance. Each leader has the ability to use his/her relationships, shared experiences, personal stories and interpersonal awareness to build highly engaged teams that are eager to support organisational goals. Be prepared to be introduced to new concepts and ‘see’ opportunities in your work environment to improve team performance. This program is relevant regardless of your personal circumstances and daily challenges.

Value: USD975 / hour

The equivalent of an adrenaline shot, this session focuses on key elements that affect energy level, staying power, motivation and self-confidence. Maybe you have a team that’s been with the organisation for a long time or done the same work for years. Maybe there was a recent cycle of downsizing. Whatever the circumstances, it’s normal for employees to feel less inspired at times, but the fire inside them can be rekindled. They need a helping hand in recharging their enthusiasm, smashing their self-limiting beliefs and taking control of their own careers to soar.

Value: USD2150 / hour

THE go-to industry expert in brand storytelling, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, leadership and blockchain technology. Even the most meticulously planned event will struggle to leave a lasting impression with dull speakers. Elevate the esteem and allure of your event with AJ The Storyteller and it will be infinitely memorable and insightful. Set the right tone for your event with an industry expert who is just as captivating, entertaining and funny as he is intellectual, experienced and articulate. It’s a rare package that has all the elements for a great event!

Value: USD3250 / hour

A casual coffee chat with AJ for those who are not yet prepared to invest in and commit to one-to-one coaching sessions. For fresh graduates, first-time entrepreneurs and solopreneurs especially, the journey to professional and business success can sometimes be lonely without a sounding board to bounce ideas with. Have an informal chat with someone who has been there and done it multiple times to help you see your potentials and discover available opportunities that are unique to your talents, situation and interests.

Value: USD50 / 20 minutes

*Only available from 9am-10am. Maximum of 3 persons a day.

Have a big idea for your business but clueless about what to do next or how to get started? Without the right technical skills and experience, it can be difficult to move from idea to implementation. But it’s not impossible. Whether the plan is to develop an app, incorporate storytelling into your brand or enter the space of emerging tech, help is just a click away. AJ is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide variety of industries and he has helped many clients change their business strategies and models for better profit margins. Click below to get the ball rolling.

Value: To be determined

*The price of this service varies, depending on the nature of the request.