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Dr. AJ Minai has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses use the power of brand storytelling to genuinely engage people in an increasingly digital world to unleash limitless potential.

AJ's Mastery Programs

The ultimate mastery program for individuals who want to discover life changing ‘aha’ moments.
The go-to industry expert to invigorate prestigious events and get them started on the right foot.
A group based coaching session to provide leaders the required knowledge to develop powerful teams.
A low-investment, high-value opportunity to pick AJ’s brain regarding your professional growth.
The adrenaline shot every team needs to jumpstart creativity, passion and productivity.
The help you need to establish your business, change your business model or your strategy.

What Others Say About AJ

AJ has unbeatable PR skills, which he successfully applied both internally (thus easing and improving communication & collaboration across departments and teams) and externally, which resulted in great relationship building with customers.

Carlotta Elena Cavalleri
Tech Sales Enablement Associate Manager at Accenture

When A.J speaks, people listen. His words are backed by an enormous amount of knowledge about marketing and storytelling. This gentleman is the best in his field. I highly recommend getting to know him. You will learn humility and professionalism and you will realise what true passion is.

István Baráth
Co-Founder of Robo Venture

AJ is a superstar storyteller besides being a gifted coach, CMO, speaker, and a CEO. He is an equally awesome human being. AJ connects with you at an emotional level & can feel and experience things with you. His desire to initiate conversations around developing EQ in schools is admirable. I would recommend AJ wholeheartedly.

Kiran Bedi
Author and Content Creator

What I appreciate about AJ most is his strategic mindset in maneuvering through large organizational topologies & hierarchies. He is confident, intuitive, well equipped in terms of people skills, & always switched on. If you're looking for someone who excels in sales & account management strategies on an enterprise level, AJ is your guy.

Rayyan EP
COO and Serial Technopreneur

The first time I saw him was on the big stage during 2018 HRDF Conference. My first thought was, “He’s a young speaker.” But when he opened his slides, my second thought was, "Wow! so impressive." By the time he was done, "BOOOOM!!!! He is so inspiring." I was engaged throughout the session. Dr. AJ you are a true STORYTELLER.

Zuliana Wagimin
Training and Development Manager

Knowledgeable, understanding and recognizes needs – Always well prepared with facts and analysis is the typical AJ. His ability in recognizing and understanding needs are exceptional. OH, it doesn't just end there. AJ never fails to provide solutions regardless of the situation. Now, that is a major plus.

Nisa Timmer
Talent Management & Development Manager

AJ is an inspirational mentor for startups. I only had one coffee session with him, and it's impeccable. I'm grateful to have his advice, opinion and guidance. He saved me so much time and effort; and I now know exactly what to do next.

Paul Tan
Project Manager

I have seen firsthand, AJ’s passion, dedication, love for kids and course content that is relevant to the generation he seeks to influence. An all round easy-going person, he is a good to work with. Our students love him.

Cheryl Especkerman
Head Of Department at R.E.A.L. international School

AJ provided great insight into how to distinguish yourself on Linkedin. Great presentation, easily understandable and good in clarifying points. AJ is very passionate in what he does, his energy level is high and contagious. Keep it going AJ!

Muneswaran Ramasamy
Founder, Executive Director & Chief Experience Specialist

AJ can identify problems quickly and he taught me the 80/20 rule which I implemented to gain fulfillment in what I am doing. He is also humble in saying that he is an average joe when he truly has an amazing mind and sharp business acumen.

Xueting Lin
Digital Marketing Strategist

Dr. A.J Minai, is one of the best digital storytellers I know. He engages, educates, and exposes his audience to the benefits of creating and optimizing their own ideas. Not the typical storyteller, as he uses raw experience to inspire and cultivate trust.

Enzo Ochoga
Agile Coach & Mindset Speaker

AJ is likable, professional and witty to say the least. He doesn't assert his opinion on you. He makes you think with CLARITY on your action plan. I believe Clarity = Focus = Powerful Teamwork. I always look forward to having coffee with AJ.

Zuhri Yuhyi
Co-founder of Halal Speed Dating

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Dr. AJ Minai

AJ is Southeast Asia’s Favourite Brand Storyteller, two-time TEDx Speaker, Iconic LinkedIn Influencer, Forbes Council Member, and Serial Entrepreneur.

A passionate believer of Brand Leadership, Digital Disruption, and EQ, AJ has spoken at over 200 events and appeared in countless podcasts, webinars, live casts, and panel discussions. He has disrupted hundreds of clients’ mindsets and business models locally and globally to ignite change, started dozens of businesses and masterminded even more.

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The future depends on those who don’t fit in. Those who are unique. The people we call weird. They’re the ones we need. We need them to be crazy, and we need to give them a platform to be crazy in.

Dr. AJ Minai

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" The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come. "

Steve Jobs

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